Coaching Business Accelerator

A 2-hour FREE MASTERCLASS you will learn the best kept secrets of making consistent $5,000-$10,000 months in your service-based business; Coaching, Consulting, Training, Healing, Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga


Alpa Kapadia Teli

Transformational Coach

CEO, Ignite The Spark

19th June
2pm - 4pm

You Can't Afford To Miss This

Would It Help You...

To finally have consistent and predictable income in your business?
To feel your time and effort are valued the way you desire?
To know that you know the process of ensuring you had a steady stream of clients and fans, waiting to work with you

Here’s What I Know About You:

You are damn good at what you do!
You have a vision to change the world and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill it
You want to be able to earn $5000-$10000 a month with ease and flow and not burn out on the way.
You want to be able to travel, without thinking about the cost
You want to be a thought leader in your field and be recognized for your contribution.

But right now, things are a bit shaky:

  • 01

    You are doing everything possible.. but you are not able to attract the premium clients.
  • 02

    You are creating content like clockwork.. but your bank account does not reflect the numbers
  • 03

    You are a bit overwhelmed and wondering how you are going to recover all the money you have spent on coaching certifications and various other programs.

Can You Think of The Reasons?

It’s not that you are not good at what you do,
It’s because you are not confident enough to charge your worth.
You have self-sabotaging beliefs around sales, marketing & money
You think if you keep doing what you are doing – with TIME you will turn profitable.

If this is You...

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Let me share with you the best kept secrets of coaches who are making consistent significant income through coaching. Me included!

Take Aways

Develop the mindset required to scale your business

Identify your unique strengths and learn to monetize them

Learn the immediate actionable steps - to start getting consistent leads!

A couple of powerful visualisations to step into your next level self

Oh hey! My Name is Alpa Kapadia Teli and I am a Transformation Expert.

I offer a wide variety of modalities and tools to help Leaders & Coaches go from where they are to where they desire to be, earning fabulously by doing what they love and creating a legacy.

I believe in INSIDE OUT transformation and work at a holistic level, helping coaches and service-based entrepreneurs master their energy! I guide them to strengthen and sustain their business pillars to 10x growth organically. But hey, I’m not the hustle kinda gal. I help my rockstar clients achieve this with balance, ease and flow – consistently.

Featured in:

Shraddha Subramanian gets 10x in 3 months.. so can you !!!

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This program is for:

Coaches who are currently earning $1000-$3000 and want to earn $5000-$10000 each month

Service based Entrepreneurs who want to become a CLIENT MAGNET

19th June 2021
2pm - 4pm